Manchester Country Club 229 Beech Street, Manchester Center
Chantecleer Restaurant 8 Read Farm Lane, East Dorset
Manchester View Motel 77 High Meadow Way, Manchester Center
Nipper’s Cafe 6458 Main Street, Manchester Center
Vermont Country Store Offices                       5650 Main Street, Manchester
Casablanca 5927 Main Street, Manchester Center
Aspen Motel 5669 Main Street, Manchester Center
Palmer House 5383 Main Street, Route 7A, Manchester Center
Manchester Community Library 138 Cemetary Ave, Manchester Center
Gringo Jack’s 5103 Main Street, Manchester Center
Northshire Living 5081 Main Street, Manchester
iship 5018 Main Street, Manchester Center
Berkshire Bank (Main St.) 4912 Main Street, Manchester Center
Spring & Harbor 4928 Main Street, Manchester Center
Mystic Cafe Main Street
Sushi Boat 4971 Main Street, Manchester Center
Gifted Nails 4971 Main Street, Manchester Center
Long Ago and Far Away 4963 Main Street, Manchester Center
Fortuna’s 4943 Main Street, Manchester Center
Christo’s Pizza
TPW Real Estate       4903 Main Street, Manchester Center
Northshire Bookstore 4869 Main Street , Manchester Center
Manchester Visitors Center
The Artisan’s Gallery      4716 Main St. Manchester Center
La Peche 4732 Main Street, Manchester Center
Apricot Lane Boutique 4763 Main Street, Manchester Center
Family Footwear      4578 Main Street, Manchester Center
Ugg Main & Ways 4384 Main Street, Manchester
Mulligan’s of Manchester 3912 Main Street, Manchester
Mother Myricks 4367 Main Street, Manchester Center
Orvis 4180 & 4382 Main Street, Manchester
Southern VT Art Center 930 SVAC Drive, Manchester
Shaw’s Grocery Manchester Center, VT
Hampton Inn             4519 Main Street, Manchester Center
Josiah Allen              4532 Main Street, Manchester Center
Crooked Ram 4026 Main Street Manchester Center
Inn at Manchester    3967 Main Street, Manchester Center
Taconic                      3835 Main Street, Manchester Center
Reluctant Panther   17-39 West Road, Manchester
Equinox Hotel 3567 Main Street, Manchester
Equinox Shops
Wilburton Inn Wilburton Dr, Manchester Center
Hildene 1005 Hildene Family Road, Manchester
Inn at Ormsby Hill 1842 Main Street, Manchester Center
Equinox Nursery 1158 Main Street, Manchester
Hill Farm Inn 458 Hill Farm Road Sunderland
Christmas Days 6279 VT-7A, Sunderland
Ice Palace Outlets  Depot Street, Manchester
Theory 65 Depot Street, Manchester Center
Eilleen Fischer
Marble Mill Outlets
Above All VT 210 Depot Street, Manchester Center
Four Seasons RE 203 Depot Street, Manchester Center
Manchester Pizza House 351 Depot Street, Manchester Center
Zoey’s Deli 539 Depot Street, Manchester Center
Firefly Restaurant 575 Depot Street, Manchester Center
Depot 62 515 Depot Street, Manchester Center
Al Ducci’s 133 Elm Street, Manchester Center
Manchester Hot Glass         79 Elm St, Manchester Center 
Mrs. Murphy’s Donuts 374 Depot St, Manchester Center
Discount Beverage 380 Depot Street, Manchester Center
Manchester Square Outlets
Earth & Sea Fish Market Richville Road, Manchester
Berkshire Bank (Richville Rd.)
Bennington Furniture 1011 Depot Street, Manchester Center
Zoey’s Double Hex 1568 Depot Street, Manchester Center
Raven’s Den 1844 Depot Street, Manchester Center
Garlic John’s 1610 Depot Street, Manchester Center
Bradley’s Pro Shop 2012 Depot Street, Manchester Center
Duttons Farm Stand 2083 Depot Street, Manchester Center
Mistral’s 10 Tollgate Road, Manchester Center
JK Adams 1430 VT-30, Dorset
HN Williams Store 2732 VT-30, Dorset
Inn at Westview Farms 2928 VT-30, Dorset
Deerfield Valley Real Estate
Josiah Allen RE 3115 VT-30, Dorset
Barrows House 3156 VT-30, Dorset
Dorset Village Properties RE 3155 VT-30, Dorset
3 Pears Gallery 41 Church Street, Dorset
Dorset Bakery
Dorset Union Store 31 Church St, Dorset
Dorset Inn 8 Church St, Dorset
Marble House 1161 Dorset West Rd, Dorset
Marblewest Inn 1847 Dorset West Rd, Dorset
Metowee Mill 4977 VT-30, Dorset
Chauncey’s Restaurant 5403 VT-7A, Arlington
Arlington Inn 3904 VT-7A, Arlington
West Mountain Inn W Mountain Inn Rd, Arlington
Bennington Chamber of Commerce 100 Veterans Memorial Dr, Bennington
Bennington Potters 324 County Rd, Bennington
Hoisington RE 489 Main St, Bennington
Bennington Hospital 100 Hospital Dr, Bennington
Bennington Art Center 44 Gypsy Ln, Bennington
Four Chimneys Inn 21 West Rd, Bennington
Bennington Museum 75 Main St, Bennington
Hawkins House 262 North Street, Bennington
The Publyk House 782 Harwood Hill Rd, Bennington
Rawsonville Market Place 8701 VT Rt 30, Rawsonville
Equipe Sports 8749 VT-30, South Londonderry
Mountain Riders 8768 VT Rt 30, South Londonderry
Meuleman’s Craft Beer Store 8814 VT-30, South Londonderry
Ungrounded Coffee Roasters 8814 VT-30 South Londonderry
Honeypie 8811 VT-30, Jamaica
Family Kitchen           8814 VT-30 South Londonderry
Starting Gate Ski Shop 24 Old Town Rd, Winhall
Norse House 31 VT-30, Winhall
Four Seasons RE 33 VT-30, Winhall
TPW RE/ Green Mtn. Vacation Rentals 32 VT Route 30, Bondville
Winhall RE 53 VT30, Winhall
Mountain Realty 54 VT-30, Winhall
Workhorse Café         59 VT Route 30                   Winhall
Lincoln Maple Hardware
Winhall Market 46 VT-30, Winhall
Wohler RE 4242 VT-30, Winhall
Red Fox Inn 103 Winhall Hollow Rd, Winhall
Homestead Landscaping
Winhall Library
Equipe Sports 19 Village Lodge Rd, Stratton
Piper Ridge Condos 29 Piper Ridge Rd, Bondville
Stratton Golf School Upper Taylor Rd, Stratton Mountain
Stratton Golf Course 5 Village Lode Rd, Stratton Mountain
Statton Mtn Club 74 Founders Hill Rd, Stratton Mountain
Mulligans 11b Village Square, Stratton Mountain
Black Bear Lodge 30 Middle Ridge Rd, South Londonderry
SM Sports Center 5 Village Lodge Rd, Stratton Mountain
SM Welcome Center 5 Village Lodge Rd, Stratton Mountain
Landmark Village Lodge Rd, Stratton
Base Lodge Info Desk
Stratton Resort/Recruiting
Stratton Foundation
SM Real Estate
Stratton Deli
Executive Offices
First Run Ski Shop
Von Bargen’s Jewelry
Bar 802
Stratton Parsonage 685 Stratton Arlington Road, Stratton
Bromley View Inn 522 VT-30, Winhall
Bromley Village 56 Ethan Allen Trail, Peru
Bromley Base Lodge Route 11, Peru
The Lodge at Bromley  4216 VT Rt 11, Peru
Bromley Market 3776 VT-11, Peru
Seesaws Lodge          3574 VT-11, Peru
JJ Hapgood General Store 305 Main St, Peru
Taylor Farm 825 VT-11, Londonderry
Jake’s Restaurant & Tavern
Londonderry Hardware
Londonderry Village Market 
Vermont Butcher      2167 N Main St, Londonderry
Magic View Motel 3806 VT-11, Londonderry
Snowdon Chalet 4071 VT-11, Londonderry
Londonderry Inn             8 Melendy Hill Road, S. Londonderry
Mary Mitchell RE 620 Main St, Weston
Inn at Weston 630 Main St, Weston
Village Green Gallery 661 Main Street, Weston
Vermont Country Store 657 Main St, Weston
Weston Market Place 722 Main St, Weston
West Wardsboro Store 47 Cross Rd, West Wardsboro
Wardsboro Country Store 23 Main St, Wardsboro
Wardsboro Library 170 Main St, Wardsboro
West River Provisions 3816 VT-30, Jamaica
Windham Hill Inn 311 Lawerence Dr, W. Townshend
Grace Cottage Foundation 185 Grafton Rd, Townshend
River Bend Market 625 VT-30, Townshend
TD Bank
Newfane Market 596 VT-30, Newfane
Four Columns Inn 21 West St, Newfane
Duttons Farm Stand 407 VT-30, Newfane
Newfane Greenhouse & Nursery 391 VT-30, Newfane
West Townshend Store Route 30
WW Building Supply
Grafton Village Cheese
Circle K
Irving Oil
Hoosick Falls, NY
Dollar General
Thorpe’s Pharmacy
Circle K
Chamber of Commerce
Comfort Inn
Days Inn
Granger St Market
Holiday Inn
Jiffy Mart
Price Chopper
Rutland Sunoco
Seward’s Dairy Bar
South Main Irving