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I Am Rug Crazy

My prices are typically 75% off retail – for hand-made oriental wool rugs! I’ve posted photos and specs on over 450 rugs that I have for sale. This is bound to change daily, as rugs are bought and sold. We carry only handmade wool rugs from Persia (Iran), Afghanistan, and Pakistan, with an occasional Turkish or Indian selection… All rugs subject to prior sale!  My rugs are all hand knotted, wool pile, purchased directly from the importers. Prices quoted are exclusive of shipping. The country of origin that is stated is from information that comes from my suppliers. “New” means not used – some of the new rugs may be as much as 20 – 30 years old, and have been stored. Call me at 1-802-394-2300, or email me at [email protected] for more info.
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